Terms and Conditions

In the Website

When you Register, Download or install it, you accept these terms and conditions.

This, or any adult app can’t be downloaded in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

These apps should not be used by anyone under 18 years of age (We do not have a method, neither we nor anyone to check the age without asking for your passport).
– We have only made the app, the content belongs to the Page in question and its affiliates.
– We don’t ask for any type of permission in the phones neither in Android or in IOS (if you see that it is thus distrusts).
– Our app is pure, we just put the code, the websites that appear in the app belong to their owners and they are referred to and their affiliates are those who upload and accept the terms of these, (so if you accept these terms , aceptas los de la web que aparece en la apk en cuestión) ponen lo demás (imagenes, videos, chats, etc), you accept those of the web that appears in the apk in question) they put the rest (images, videos, chats, etc).
– This app can be blocked easily, restricting the word porn on your phone or browser.
– The improper use of this app and its copyright will be brought to the attention of the relevant competent authorities in this matter.
The terms and conditions of other webs appear in the respective webs that you visit. In short, we are not responsible for the content of third parts.

Our desire is the best for our users, that if these meet our standards it will be a magnificent community.

WordPress uses cookies, therefore we use cookies. When you browse the site, cookies are stored on your device. The third sites to which we link, in many or in most cases also use cookies.

In the App

We do not ask for any special permission to install the app, you are not going to ask for special access to data or details about you. The only thing that is going to be asked is the user registration and that is all you give us to let you know when we have updated the Apps and that you can update it.

With the registry we tell you the data that we keep:

  • The username and email (used to send you offers and app updates).
  • Your password (which can be self-generated)
  • Your website or the one you post.
  • What you want to put in the Bio box.
  • Your favorite sites, which you add yourself and that we show in the first places in the App.

This is all the data we keep.

As is evident and being the best porn app, we have the best adult sites Free and paid. We can not be held responsible for what other sites do with their data or show on their websites.