Sex Games for App Store

Welcome to Sex Games for App Store. If you have a smartphone device with IOS operating system, we’ve realized how ridiculously difficult it is to find any implementation of sexual content within the official store of apps.

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That is because Apple is always on the lookout to keep the apps > porn out of it. There you will find nothing of porn, or naked. In fact, you will not find anything that is overtly sexual.

However, that has not prevented the developers of apps bypass the restrictions of Apple and IOS, and many and many have been able to skip the censors of censorship offered by the company of the apple company.

So, if what you want are apps that allow you to play sex with friends or with your partner, without much preamble, here are the best you’ll find for IOS.

You can play this games in our Sex Games for App Store, or, Pussy Saga or Chathouse 3D.


This app makes your IPhone vibrate continuously or in intervals. In fact, the same app says in its description that it is a way to give more flavor to the vibration function that brings your mobile device.

What app of game sexual more important than this?

Truth or challenge: Version of Two Girls.

We all know how it works the game really is a challenge. But unlike the conventional version, this app brings up questions and challenges dedicated to the girls. So if you’re a lesbian and you want to spend a little time spicy with your partner, this app is perfect.

The only problem is that it costs 10 dollars, but it is worth it.

Sex Drive.

This app is a bit strange, but not for that reason discard it. It is assumed that it is to sex play that is used to activate your sexual desire through a tone binaural (or whatever that is). This tone stimulates the sexual desire in your brain.

This app “Sex Games for App Store” works fine in your IOS smartphone.