This is a FAQ on how you can use the App and save as much time as possible.


This app is downloaded at https://www.downloadpornapp.com/download/ by choosing the device on which you want to install the app and following the steps that are written there. When you download and install, you accept the Terms of Use when you install it and if you register a new account you accept our Privacy Policy, we are obliged to notify you of these 2 cases.

Summary of Terms of Use

When you accept the terms of use, we clarify that we use our own and third-party cookies. And that we are not responsible for any content, action and other links to sites we share.

Privacy Policy Summary

Your data will only be used by us in the circumstances that we now detail. send updates, send offers, reminders, password changes, etc. In short, keep you informed, these data are not exclusively private.

User account

First, the fastest and easiest way to use it is to register a free account by clicking on the following button:

With this we can add a list of favorites, and even lists of favorites giving the button with a star and that is the next:


This app has two buttons, hearts and stars. The hearts are recommendations of other users on that web page. Stars are links that you can add to favorites easily and that list of favorites will come out first.


When we update the app, what we will do is send a Push Notification to your respective phone. If we have not followed a conventional method of installation, we will send an email to the accounts created, so registering or subscribing is important, so that the app is not obsolete.


This comment now is not our fault and we can not do anything to avoid it, there are websites that block the app with the ads (all links to free websites).
Prohibition and why we are not in the Stores of App Store, Play Store or Windows Store.

As in most of the Stores of Apps they do not admit porno, we can say that this app or another similar you will be able to find them in another site, at least not without my previous consent. Read Terms and conditions.


This porn app does not require permission, we do not want your personal information, if you have downloaded it, you like porn, and who does not?


This app uses the Internet, because if we were to host videos, we are sure that it would lack space on your smartphone 🙂

And that’s all fast, free and two click anywhere you want.